Let's Party

How to add
an EventGuide

Step 1

Once you have registered and logged into your account, you can head to submit an event button at the top of our webpage or just click the button below.

Step 2

You will now be presented with the events poster. Posting an event is FREE so don't worry you won't be charged. 

Fill out the form as follows:

Event Name: The name of your event e.g: MY EVENT @ MY PLACE

Event Start & End Date/Time: The time and date your event starts and is scheduled to end. If it is an all day event, you can select the All-Day Event toggle. You will not need to use No End Time 

Event Subtitle: This is optional but feel free to input anything relevant to your event here

Event Image: This will allow you to upload a main event image for your event. If you don't have one, our default placeholder image will be placed instead.

Event Details: Put as much information about your event as you'd like. This will help boost your event on search engine results.

Step 3

Next we come to the events location details and about your venue. We have already pre filled out a list of locations and organizers who were on our previous website.

Event Location: Use the dropdown and select from the list of the location of where your event will be hosted. If you are not able to find the location on this list, click on create new button. Next input the location name (e.g. The Going Out), the full address of your location including postcode. Next you need to input the location coordinates, you can get them from here. Input them like this: 50.8931365,-1.0321856. If you have a website you can input your locations website. 

Event Color: Please Do not change this. Leave this as the default yellow. 

Event Organizer: Select from the pre filled list of organizers, if you are not listed then please click on create new. Next input your Organizations name, any contact information ie. Contact telephone number, You can then add your contact address & finally if you have a website please feel free to add it in the Organizer link field.

Event Category: Select from the list of categories, if you can't find a relevant category then please select other.

Event Timezone: SKIP THIS

RSVP: If you want visitors to RSVP to your events then please enable this option. You can then tweak the settings to your requirements.

Form Human Submission Validation: Just to make sure your are actually a human, just complete the simple math question and then once done click Submit Event!